ROI/How We Work:

Our media strategy is focused on accountability and delivering a return on investment.  This approach prevents your campaign from “going off the rails” and spending money where there is not a measurable result.  Our on-going media management encompasses favorable rates, selective targeting, and constant optimization. 

  • Evaluate: Analyze past media results, review product offering, and creative.
  • Plan: Media placement opportunities based on fit to the target audience, cost, and campaign goals.
  • Air/Execute: Place your videos to generate response and build your brand.
  • Track: Using our proprietary reporting system SOAR, we measure and report the impact both offline and online.
  • SOAR allows reporting against any significant DRTV media metric.
    • We are able to bring together analytics from several sales channels (direct, retail, and online) and show how video advertising has impacted ROI.
    • Provides ability to make timely decisions to optimize media buys.
    • Provides customized reporting.